Greetings from Bangkok

My name is John DeBenedette, CEO of GOGOTECH. My team and I share a passion to use the latest EV & robitcs technology to improve the products available for people with reduced mobility. Our journey began with the desire to help people in our families and our communities overcome daily challenges. Having seen EV technology transform cars, bicycles, skateboards, and scooters, we had high expectations of modern electric wheelchairs, perhaps heightened by my own experience as a young man using wheelchairs for many months after a motorcycle accident, an experience that showed me how difficult manual chairs are to use and how heavy and expensive power chairs were. I especially remember how much smaller my world became until I could walk again. It was disapointing to discover that very little had changed in the last 40 years.
How can it be when all other categories of battery electric vehicles have advanced and become more affordable through exponential technology and mass production, that electric wheelchairs are still so expensive with so few manufactured each year? And why are they sold to third-parties (healthcare systems and insurance companies) who ration them to end-users, limiting availability (and production quantities) to only the wealthy and the well-insured? Our search for answers led us to ask more questions; What would it take for production to be increased and end-user access expanded (especially in countries that don’t have developed healthcare benefit systems or big insurance markets)?
We came to believe that using the latest EV and robotics techology would make possible new and better products that are safer, more advanced and more affordable. We also saw an opportunitiy to better use internet technolgoies (IoT, mobile apps, the cloud, and the crowd) to streamline and simplify the business model and empower end-users directly as customers and also facilitate efficient networking opportunities with therapists and local support professionals in their own commuities. That’s WHY we developed ABBY!