This is the question most frequently asked question on social media and to our service@gogotech.co support desk.  Unfortunately, 4 out of 5 people who need personal electric vehicles for mobility don’t have insurance or only qualify for manual wheelchairs.

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Hi-Tech Electric Vehicle at Affordable Price?

This is why ABBY is not intended for “medical use”. To be clear, ABBY is designed to, and during development, prototypes have been functionally tested to exceed the performance and safety criteria in ISO-7176 and EN12184. Following our first production run, we will publish the testing report of an independent third-party testing lab and will only initiate customer deliveries of ABBY when issues discovered during the the testing, if any, are comprehensively addressed
We very much understand the importance and clear benefit of the role that national and private insurances play in the current market system to enable people with reduced mobility to obtain needed assistive technology, in practice, these systems only exist in developed countries, and are restrictive in nature to the point that the products are rationed based on arbitrary (and in our view narrow) definitions of necessity to the point of inducing overpricing and vastly insufficient production quantities relative to the number of people who can benefit from their use on a global basis.
How can we shift from a system of scarcity and restriction to one leveraging exponential technology to increase production scale, drive advanced features, and maximize availability? We believe we can harness technology to create new and better products, but also to create new opportunities in the market system itself.  One of our big concerns is that an industry that chooses to be totally dependent on healthcare benefit payments as its sole revenue stream supporting powered device production may face hard times in whatever the post-COVID-19 environment looks like and that most likely won’t be good for wheelchair users!
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ABBY is our first product and took 2 years to develop. Even though ABBY’s features are unmatched in the market priced at $1,980, we understand that this is still a lot of money and beyond the reach of many as a result of not being intended for “medical use”. One possible solution to this problem is the trend in crowdfunding. Along the same lines as ABBY’s advanced features, we believe we must also leverage today’s technology to create alternative financing solutions, including the power of the internet and the crowd. That is why we are proud to annouce ABBY Fundraisers.